Fem kyuubi is possessive of naruto fanfiction

While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Work Search: tip: buffy gen teen AND "no archive warnings apply". Naruto was not your average girl, as cliche as that seemed to sound. She didn't like flowers or makeup or dresses, and she certainly didn't care about what some stupid boys thought about her.

She had peculiar tastes, or at least that's what most people told her. It was slightly true, at least, because, for the oddest of reasons, she thought the demon fox living inside of her was adorable. That's why they were best friends because they were the only ones who didn't hate each other. Posting an old fic. I wrote this like three years ago so don't judge the writing ability, thanks.

Due to the problem of low birthrates in Konoha, Naruko and her friends are forced to be paired up randomly to repopulate their village. As she unfortunately gets picked to be with Sasuke, Sakura grows jealous and hateful towards Naruko. Naruto discovered a name - her name, her name - in a book, and sparks a change in her attitude to life. She wouldn't be a cry-baby. She would kick ass like Uzumaki Mito and do her clan proud, starting with her poor chakra control - and ending Well, where did all good kunoichi end?

Follow the adventures of Minato and Kujin as they learn to navigate their friendship while trying not to destroy the village. Meanwhile, Jiraiya found a new source of inspiration for his trashy novels and his student hates him. In another world, the nine tailed beast would have been male. He would have been a mighty fox and carrying him in Kushina's body would have influenced Naruto enough to be born a whiskered baby boy.

He would have grown up alone, and would have craved for companionship more than anything. With the instincts of a fox he would have grown to be a prankster. A loudmouth. A boisterous ball of energy who would later prove the world he was more than the demon pariah they made him out to be. Chakra flows through everything, so even a person born without sight can see when they're given the ability to see that flow of chakra. Though that's a very well kept secret, it let's the blind daughter of the hokage act as normal as everyone else without putting her in danger.

Uzumaki's have this weird ability to pull out the best side of someone and make them see things differently, so why would Naru Uzumaki be any different? It doesn't stop her family and friends who know from being careful with her, but she had her freedom and wasn't babied so as long as that didn't change, heads wouldn't roll. When you take away the people that the most unpredictable ninja treasures, you makes a terrible monster out of her.Someone asked me about Kurenai's age.

She will be 19 in this fic same goes for Anko, Yuugo and Hana give or take a year.

Authors Note : The lack of response is calling my nerves ,so please I ask again to review you can even write reasons of hating my work if you want so please read and review. Naruto just smirked in response "Well then I just have to make sure you are very obedient then Kurenai. Noticing he didn't call her sensei just now she looked to his face to read his expression "Naruto what are you talki And what Kurenai saw made her breath get caught in her lungs, in front of her was a grinning Naruto with his casual expression on his face but Those were the most sinister eyes Kurenai had ever seen Naruto's demeanor suddenly changed and he opted a serious expression "I want you to train me.

Kurenai would have face faulted if it wasn't for the fact that she was bound and she was having now having second thoughts about his sanity. I want you to train me after the graduation test. Why wouldn't he pass, did he really lack the confidence? I was going to consult the Hokage about your bushin problem as well. Do you think they will let me pass? Kurenai's eyes widened when she finally understood what he meant and got into his line of thinking.

She did find it strange that Naruto remained the dead last for three straight years. Do you really think my Jonin will train me, the demon brat? Kurenai looked down lowering her head, she couldn't blame him from thinking so negatively. From the way she saw him get treated a few times, she couldn't imagine how hard it must have been for him because of the Kyu Kurenai signed in relief instantly accepting the answer. The possibility of a lie never crossed her mind, the alternative wasn't exactly appealing at the moment.

fem kyuubi is possessive of naruto fanfiction

But his strange yet calm behavior stirred something in her mind as another realization struck her and her jaw promptly dropped.Sai and Shikamaru sneak into the altar room to have a tryst. They have an unexpected guest. Fun ensues. Sai and Shikamaru giggled as they entered the room, closing and locking the door. It was empty, everyone else at the ceremonies. They clashed, tongues battling as they fought the clothes off each other.

Sai ended up with his butt on the altar, panting as Shikamaru drizzled some of the anointing oil over his chest and cock. Not my typical sacrifice, but what an improvement. He was gorgeous! Tall and thick with bright hair and tan skin and intense eyes. Sai moaned and thrust a little against Shika. The pale one was a bit of an exhibitionist. Shikamaru blushed from embarrassment—but then worry overtook him as the man started stripping of his white garments.

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He was tan all over…and BIG all over! Shikamaru gulped, stunned as he stared as what had to be the God of Passion approached. Then his senses returned and he struggled up, ready to cover up or run or demure. They had desecrated his altar after all….

Sai whined, his eyes finally taking in the direness of their situation. Shikamaru swallowed, but then that anointing oil was poured over his back and it slid down over his arse and between his cheeks.

He shivered partly from fear and partly from anticipation.

10 Surprising Things Goku And Naruto Have In Common

Sai whined under him and the god rumbled. With strong arms he pulled Shikamaru off to the side, arranging him over the altar and adding another finger to the clenching pucker. Shikamaru whined and arched and shivered. The Nara caught on, reaching a weak hand up and focusing through the pleasure.

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Sai moaned, pinching at his nipples and undulating. The God tsked.

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Shika came, his eyes bugging with the shock and sensation as the God pressed and did something with his fingers. His cum dotted the altar. The God was suddenly there, pulling their fingers out of Sai and pushing the pale man back over the altar. Sai gasped and then screamed as he was speared. Shika felt saliva pool in his mouth where he lay sated, never having experienced such an orgasm.Told you guys I had motivation, another chapter so soon!

It also helps I have badass readers who review it! Thanks guys, seriously. And before we start, a couple reviews to kinda explain. First, Kyuubi didn't have that bad of an injury, just a cut on her head, it was JUST bad enough to need stitches, and concrete is hard, as I would know. And head and face wounds do in fact bleed a ridiculous amount. And a special shout-out to RedgoldI am kinda perverted, so I did indeed want to just go into a kind of one-way rape session, buuuuuut that wouldn't really fit, as she wants to get Naruto legit.

But we see evil planning in this chapter! This will indeed be fun.

Let's start the show. Shikamaru was known for several things, and lots of emotion wasn't one of them. Maybe a little amount at a time, but nothing too dramatic, like Naruto used to be.

fem kyuubi is possessive of naruto fanfiction

Shikamaru sighed as he looked out one of the skylights at the fluffy cumulus that was passing by. Shikamaru sighed again, and rubbed his temples, trying to think. Naruto had been his second best-friend, only to Chouji. When he had lost it, Shikamaru had showed even less emotion. He hated seeing him like that. He might have to do something about it…or maybe not. At the very moment that he was thinking he would do something, the front doors of the school which his locker was conveniently placed by was kicked open, and everyone who was there couldn't believe what they saw.

Naruto had kicked the doors open, his old trademark, foxy grin on his face, and a laughing Kyuubi slung on his back in a piggyback ride.

He changed the subject abruptly as Sarutobi had poked his head out of his office and stared at Naruto. Shikamaru caught the quick grin the old man's face had shown, before he quietly closed the door and went back to his office. Shikamaru shook his head and walked up to Naruto, a grin almost as large as that fools on his face. If Naruto's grin got any bigger, his face would have split in two.

He took Shikamaru's hand and pulled him into a bear hug.Summary: Everyone is bounded to their other half by the red string of fate. Even Demons. No matter where, or when, they will always meet and be together even if it doesn't end well.

Author's Note: Hm! While browsing through some fanfics, I suddenly came up with this idea! A NaruxfemKyuubi romance fic! So for people who doesn't like femkyuubi or any romance related kyuubi, this is not your cup of tea or coffee.

fem kyuubi is possessive of naruto fanfiction

You have been warned. I'm planning to make shorts with this one, and all of it will be AU with different settings and probably doesn't relate to each other much. Oh and my first attempt at lemon! Here goes! Disclaimer: I do not own any Naruto related stuff that Kishimoto-sama created.

Wish I do though. All of us isn't perfect. The reason why is because if we were perfect, we wouldn't need others. That is why everything is created in pairs. And so, just as Life is fated to Death, and Man fated to Woman, all of us are fated to our other half by the red string of fate.

The red string will hold and bound us together through everything. When, where, what, how. It doesn't matter. They will always meet and be together. No matter the situation. A blonde boy at the age of five was staring into was has to be the reddest eye he had ever seen.

The eyes belonged to an equally red fox. Blue eyes looking into red ones. Naruto had a strange feeling that he knew this fox before they even met. Is that even possible? Oh wellThe two other academy teams were also gathered as apparently their Senseis wanted all three teams to train together.

Asuma sighed as he finished another cigarette while Shikamaru looked ready to fall asleep muttering how troublesome it is to wake up while Chouji continued eating chips.

The Uzumaki Empire Chapter 2 A Naruto Fanfic Fanfiction

They along with Team Eight, and most of team seven had been waiting for an hour for Naruto to show up". I'm training with the Tornado I wish we just leave" Sighed Kiba sorely as Akamaru whined feeling sorry for him. Kurenai looked at her student pondering why he is like this. Hinata answered her Sensei's question as she told her what Naruto done to him. Kakashi all of a sudden started to walk out of the area as Sakura screamed out to where he was going. He ignored her however as he looked serious at the moment.

The Jounins noticed as they went to him leaving their students for a while. Sasuke, Shikamaru and Shino noticed but the last two ignored it anyway while the Uchiha can be seen narrowing his eyes in suspicion. I heard from the Hokage that he is like this" Said Kakashi intending to find his delinquent student. This made the father and daughter tense but it was noticed by both Jounins as they nodded at each other. At his upper body laid a tattoo it had a small nine tailed fox covered around a circle.

Kisara slightly looked up while she at her cereal "Well Naruto I already told you what the unity entails that mark just shows others that you and I are one see.

Kisara once she finished eating tried to take off Naruto's shirts she was wearing as suddenly Naruto screamed at her to stop "OK that's enough I get it! Kisara just giggled at her husband's innocence even though he seen her body as much as she seen his. Moegi nodded "That's true Boss is very strong". Konohamaru not liking her tone responded that his boss can kick her ass.

Naruto just looked confused at her "Well yeah if they want their just kids" Anko went quite as she didn't have anything to say while Kurenai just looked on.

Naruto knelt towards them breaking the news that he can't come "Hey kids sorry I can't play these ladies are here to take me because I'm late you see" the Kids whined but then hoped because Naruto said he will play with them after.

Naruto well he just scratched the back of his head as he lightly blushed "Nah its nothing" and then laughed lightly. Uzumaki Naruto" Smiled Naruto who then told the kids to run off as he and the Jounins have business to tend to.Sakura Haruno was upset. Sometimes, she thought she could hear someone faintly talking when she was alone. Sakura woke without the splitting pain in her head.

Instead she felt the sun on her face and a gentle breeze on her skin. Below there was a small stream flowing from under one wall and around the garden, before going under another wall. There were strange, unknown, but beautiful flowers all around, and even though the sky was thick with clouds, she could feel direct sunlight, and atop the hill she was on was an unbelievably large sakura tree in full bloom.

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She felt compelled to investigate this tree, and when she got closer, she saw a dark hole among its roots. She got closer to the hole, and found a strange barred door that seemed like it had been forced open, a broken padlock on the ground nearby. This her seemed older, though, and more developed under the red kimono she wore, and she seemed to have something written on her forehead, which was mostly covered by her hair, which reached to the small of her back, and seemed a darker pink than normal.

But the biggest differences between them were that the older versions darker green eyes had slitted pupils, and a long, elegant red tail swaying behind her. And how can you be me if you have a tail? What do you want? Is this the kind of thing Naruto has to deal with? And as for what I want, I want you to accept me as a part of you. I want you to accept your true feelings, and become the real you. She was probably working hard at the hospital again.

He never said a single bad thing about you, although Kami knows we deserved it more often than not. He has done everything he could to help us and the others, with little to no consideration for his own safety.

He would happily give his life for anyone he cares about, and the fact he can trust or care about anyone after the life he lived is a miracle itself. Do you even remember when and why your crush started?

The fox girl smiled and hoisted Sakura off the ground by her collar, and carried her towards a small circular pond that formed along the stream. The fox woman dipped a finger in the water, which started to ripple and change, forming an image before them.

The pond held an image of a young, pink haired little girl, alone and crying. Little Sakura sat underneath a tree crying her heart out. A few girls, who by now had moved across the playground, had been tormenting her again.

Sakura just sat with her head on her knees, trying to forget what they had been saying, when she heard a sudden scream. The girls who were tormenting her had somehow become covered in paint, one had the bucket still on her head, and all of them were colored a sickening green all over. Sakura looked up to see a young blond boy standing next to her, he seemed scrawny and underfed, and his clothes were worn and old, maybe even older than the boy himself, but he was wearing a huge smile on his face.

D-did he just call me pretty? Sakura ran home, locked herself in her room, and cried into a pillow for the rest of the night. Eventually, we fell for our own act.

The youth had an empty look as she continued to stare into the now blank waters, after hearing all that from the fox girl, she was drawing a blank. Sakura woke to notice a few things. First, she herself was emitting a dimming violet glow. Second, her chest felt heavier than before. And lastly, she felt a strange pain in her lower back.

She jumped from her bed and stretched a bit before she heard a strange rip and the pain disappeared, she rushed to her mirror to see if something had happened, and was pleasantly surprised. Her hair had darkened a bit and grown a couple of inches, her eyes had slits for pupils, and her ears had lengthened a bit, with pointed tips poking out from her hair a bit.

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